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Social Signal & Social Que Posting

Social media is becoming just as important in the SEO world as a well written website. Customers are using sites like Twitter, Facebook and Google + to find businesses and determine if they are credible. Social media has also replaced word-of-mouth advertising. Through shares and likes, customers do advertising for you. While great service is a big part of getting these, it is still not enough to help your rankings. That’s why our expert Pittsburgh SEO company offers social signal posting so that you can get the most out of your social media accounts.

What are Social Signals?

Social signals are mentions of your business or something related to your business. This can be something as simple as a like on Facebook, or it could be a post on Twitter from a customer stating they liked your product or service and urging others to choose your company. Social signals also involve the sharing or retweeting of posts your company has made. The purpose of social signals is to get your company seen by interacting with customers.

How You Get Social Signals

There are two simple ways to start getting social signals. The first is increasing posts on Facebook and Twitter. The more posts you have, the more opportunities customers have to share and like those posts. Second, Google + allows people to +1 blog posts and website pages. This may sound simple, but a lot of time must be spent posting statuses, blogs, promotions and comments. Most businesses just don’t have that kind of time. Hiring an expert in search engine optimization to do this for you is beneficial because it saves you time, and they know exactly what to do to get you the most social signals. Our SEO specialists can also ensure all blogs and postings are interesting content related to your business, which helps bring in customers and makes it more likely that they will share the posts.

How Social Media Marketing Affects Search Engine Rankings

Bing and Google are actually using social signals to determine the search engine ranking of a site. The theory is that if a company gives great service, then people will be talking about it. Google analyses how many friends, likes, shares, and retweets you have to determine just how useful you are to a customer. With the right mixture of great content and customer interaction, you can get to the top of search results.

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