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Your Customers Have Gone Mobile… Have You?

The growth of the mobile industry is incredible. In just three years, over 20 billion apps have been downloaded between iPhone and Android devices.

In 2011, Google gathered the following information (Understanding Smartphone Users):

  • 95% of smartphone users have searched for local information.
  • 61% of users call a business after searching and 59% visit the location.
  • 90% of these people act with 24 hours.

Every business wants loyal, repeat customers, and no business wants to lose a channel for losing customers that are raving and loyal fans. Your app can have Loyalty Coupons, GPS Coupons, and QR Code coupons, all designed to foster repeat customers. In fact, 28% of customers reported that they are “Extremely Likely” to increase their visits to a business if they have a loyalty reward card, according to Total Research Corp & Customer Marketing Corp’s Loyalty Monitor Study.

More Reasons to Go Mobile:
  • 65% of mobile users say they’ve used their device to find a business and make an in-store purchase.
  • The average number of smartphone app users versus those that get on a computer and use the web has gone up 8% since 2011, reaching 81%.
  • Approximately 65% of those who have downloaded apps say they use those apps daily.

Through a mobile app, your customers will have another way to link to your social media pages, and you will increase Facebook fans and Twitter followers. You can even display special events and daily, weekly, or monthly specials with Push Notifications.

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